June 25, 2020

Key Insights:

  • CBRE retains its forecast of a global recession in 2020, with a sharp downturn in Q2 2020 and the start of a rebound in Q3 2020. In May, Asia Pacific GDP growth forecasts were revised down to -1.4% from the previous forecast of 4.2% made in January.
  • Regional travel remains at a standstill owing to tight restrictions by authorities, significantly reduced air traffic and risk aversion by travellers. Just 4,125 visitors were recorded in Hong Kong SAR in April, a drop of nearly 100% from the same time last year.
  • Lockdown restrictions across the region gradually began lifting in mid-May. Until regional and international travel becomes easily available, growth will be confined to domestic and drive-leisure markets. There has been a substantial uplift in interest in easily accessible resorts.
  • Overall occupancy in Asia Pacific remains low at less than 30%. Room rates are close to 50% of what they were a year ago.
  • Hotel investors are still in wait and see mode. There is a large gap between vendor and purchaser expectations. CBRE has not yet seen any significant transactions that indicate where prices now sit.


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Robert McIntosh
Executive Director - CBRE Hotels Asia Pacific
Valuation & Advisory
[email protected]

Zhang Jiahao
Associate Director - CBRE Hotels Asia Pacific
Valuation & Advisory
[email protected]