Jamie  Lane

Senior Economist

Professional Experience

Jamie Lane is a senior economist for CBRE Hotels’ Americas Research.  He is based in the firm’s Atlanta office where he is responsible for econometric forecasting, producing the firm's quarterly Hotel Horizons® reports, and new product development. Other activities include conducting studies for hotel investment firms and operating companies using advanced quantitative methods and preparing research reports on contemporary hotel industry issues. 

Since joining PKF-HR in 2010, Mr. Lane has done extensive research on the determinants of hospitality demand and creating models for profit, average daily rate (ADR), supply, and demand forecasting. In addition, he has published in academic and professional journals including the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly and the International Journal of Hospitality Management, as well as speaking at many industry forums.​

For more information, visit the CBRE Hotels' Americas Research website​.​​​​​​​​