U.S. Hospitality Publications and Data

Hotel Horizons® Forecasts - A series of periodic reports prepared on a quarterly basis that econometrically analyze the historical and expected performance of 55 major U.S. lodging markets, as well the entire U.S. lodging industry.

The following Hotel Horizons® reports are available:

  • National Report - Presents historical and forecast data for the overall U.S. lodging industry, six chain-scale segments, and six location categories.
  • Local Market Reports - Reports are prepared for 55 of the largest lodging markets in the U.S. Each report provides historical and forecast data for the overall market, as well as the upper-priced and lower-priced segments within the market.
  • Multi-Market Platform - An Excel-based multi-market platform is available that presents forecasts for multiple lodging markets across the U.S. This platform is valuable for owners and operators of large property portfolios distributed throughout the U.S and allows users to perform custom analyses of the data.
  • Custom Market Forecasts - Econometric forecasts can be prepared on a custom basis for an additional 150 lodging markets.
Financial Benchmarking Reports – On an annual basis since 1936, our industry leading team has collected year-end operating statements from thousands of hotels across the nation. The Trends® database is the oldest and most comprehensive source of hotel financial information in the United States.

Using the Trends® database, the following reports are available:

  • Trends® in the U.S. Hotel Industry - This report provides in-depth analyses of hotel revenues, expenses, and profits. The data is arrayed in a variety of property type, geographic location, rate, and size categories, thus allowing hotel owners and operators to benchmark the performance of their properties to industry-wide averages of a similar profile.
  • Benchmarker® - Custom reports which allow owners and operators to compare revenues, expenses, and profits of their hotel to a group of comparable properties selected by the purchaser.  Hoteliers also use Benchmarker® reports to learn about hotel financial performance within a market segment or geographic area.
  • Trends® in the Hotel Spa Industry - The report provides financial benchmarking data for the revenues and expense items most relevant to a hotel’s spa department, as well as editorial content on current issues facing the hotel spa industry.  Report schedules for spa departments are presented by location, by revenue category, and by size of facility.
  • Caribbean Trends® in the Hotel Industry - Report on the average property-level financial performance of hotels located throughout the Caribbean. Revenue, expense, and profit information is presented by room rate and size categories. In addition, the report contains commentary on current development trends in the region, as well as visitation data from a variety of sources

  • Trends® in the Conference Center Industry (IACC)- A statistical and financial profile of the conference center industry presenting the following metrics: facility profiles, rate and occupancy statistics, meeting statistics, marketing, revenues, expenses and profits, and human resources.  The report covers executive, corporate, resort, and college/university residential conference centers, as well as day centers.