CBRE Hotels Americas Research

CBRE Hotels Americas Research specializes in analyzing and reporting on both the historical and future performance of the lodging industry. Our team prepares a variety of forecast and benchmarking reports, as well as maintains extensive databases of hotel income statements and sale prices. These reports and data provide the foundation for strategic planning by all who have an interest in hotel property financial performance.

With a long-standing tradition of tracking and forecasting the lodging industry, our team has the technical capability to conduct custom research, the analytical skills to interpret the data, and the access necessary to gather confidential performance information from the industry.


Forecast and Benchmarking Reports

Analyze the historical and expected performance of 60 major U.S. lodging markets with a variety of economic, demographic, and benchmarking statistics. Five years of supply, demand, occupancy, ADR and RevPAR for the upper-priced and lower-priced segments at the market and submarket level. Export and chart a variety of variables. Data is refreshed quarterly. 

Instantly generate reports to analyze the aggregated financial performance of a group of U.S. hotels selected by the customer using customized criteria. Resulting reports provide in-depth average revenue, expense, and profit information presented in a summary operating statement format, as well as six departmental sub- schedules.​

CBRE Hotels Americas Research has historically provided the industry with top-line performance forecasting of occupancy and ADR; we now provide the foundation for evaluating the expected profitability of hotels. Analyze the historical and expected profitability of 60 major U.S. lodging markets, with five years of revenues, expenses, NOI, Cap Rate, and Value for upper and lower-priced segments at the market and submarket level. 

Research Services

  • Custom Research 
  • Products from our Database
  • Development Analysis
  • Portfolio Valuation


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