Strategic Research

CBRE Hotels' Strategic Research professionals specialize in analyzing and reporting on the historical and future performance of various major hotel markets around the globe. Our research experts consider the impact changes in these fundamentals have on values throughout the investment cycle and distil their findings into meaningful insight for hotel investors.​​​​​​​​


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CBRE Hotels' Americas Research prepares a vari​ety of forecast and benchmarking reports, as well as maintains extensive databases of hotel income statements and sale prices. These reports and data provide the foundation for strategic planning by all who have an interest in hotel property financial performance.  


Mark Woodworth
United States
+1 404 8125085

Robert Mandelbaum
United States
+1 404 8125187 

Fran Hohol
+1 647 9433743 

CBRE Hotels EMEA Research address the key themes impacting hotel real estate investment, to increase the success of investors and promote understanding in a continually evolving sector. The research team draws on a wealth of data gathered across borders and service lines to provide though-leading insights focussed around investor returns, liquidity and asset values. Such analysis is frequently the basis of client reports, industry presentations and ad hoc projects – all of which are instrumental in guiding both experienced hotel investors and also those looking to explore the opportunities in the sector for the first time.  


Joe Stather

+44 207 182 2523

Catherine Latzenhofer

+44 203 257 6109