Canadian Hotels Perform At Record Levels

Profits Increase By 18.4 Percent In 2017

The Canadian accommodation industry continues to perform at record levels from both a top line and bottom line perspective. Looking back at 2017, the improvements are due to a strong economy, modest increases in supply, and continued leisure and business travel growth.

According to the 2018 Canadian Edition of Trends® In the Hotel Industry, the adjusted net operating income for properties across the nation averaged $14,556 per available room in 2017. This is an 18.4 percent increase from the $12,298 figure achieved in 2016. The strong increase in profitability can be attributable to a 4.8 percent increase in ADR, and an added two points in occupancy during 2017.

Unlike 2016, when Departmental and Undistributed Expenses grew alongside Revenues, a stronger control of expenses in 2017 also contributed to the better than anticipated increases in bottom lines.

The Canadian Edition of Trends® In the Hotel Industry is a statistical review of operating and financial information voluntarily contributed by hotels, motels and resorts from across Canada. The 2018 edition reflects the results for 2016 and 2017, weighted to a same-on-same sample of approximately 480 properties representing 91,000 rooms. The 20-page report presents additional insights, as well as detailed breakdowns by province and national regions.

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