Asia Pacific Hotels MarketView - H1 2015

Hotel performance starts picking up while investor preference for hotel strengthens


• Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore remained the top tourist destinations.
• Thailand rebounded in terms of tourist arrivals in the first five months of 2015, but has been struck badly by the recent bomb explosions in August.
• Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) and Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) were the top performing markets in H1 2015.
• Korea tourism struggled amidst MERS outbreak.
• A second Macau is coming in the pipeline?
• Japan’s Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 and Singapore’s Golden Jubilee – opportunities for a major boost in tourism.
• Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and Thailand tourism are expected to be hit hard by the yuan devaluation.
• Australia and Japan remained key destinations for hotel investment capital.
• New capital outside APAC started checking in the region for hotel opportunities.
• Outlook for hotel investment remains positive - investor preferences have strengthened from 1% in 2014 to 12% in 2015.
• Investors venturing out to regional cities looking for higher yield opportunities.
• Speculations on hotel chain M&A.

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Robert McIntosh
Executive Director - CBRE Hotels, Asia Pacific
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