Investors fix sights on Fixed Income Hotels

The fixed-income hotels market continues to grow; in terms of the confirmed UK hotel development pipeline, there are over 100 hotels (>10,000 rooms) due to open before 2022, that will run under an operational lease.

The ability to pre-let and match long-term liabilities with long-dated investments has resulted in the market moving into the mainstream. Historically, the hotel investment market was considered opaque, resulting in relatively limited demand from institutional investors. As a result, during the last cycle in 2007, hotel investment in the UK accounted for only 4% of total investment volume.

In this campaign, we explore and provide key insights into the dynamics and fundamentals of hotel fixed-income investment and illustrate how this sector can enhance investment portfolios through diversification as well as strong risk-adjusted returns. We aim to provide you with a complete overview of the fixed income hotel market and more importantly, we hope that this publication illustrates that the fixed income hotel market has now entered into the “mainstream” and therefore shouldn’t be considered “niche” or purely “alternative”.

To read our views on the changing nature of the market, where we are in the cycle, who are the operators taking leases, and whether Fixed-Income Hotel Investment can be truly considered mainstream, read our recent press release here

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